Vehicles we offer

A selection of comfortable and practical station wagons with most accessories and a powerful SUV. The prices include VAT, traffic and comprehensive insurance.

Opel Insignia

Spacious universal with many extras. The panoramic sunroof makes the cabin spacious and bright. The four-wheel drive system helps to make everyday and longer holiday trips somewhat safer.

Toyota Avensis

Spacious station wagon with all accessories. The panoramic sunroof makes the cabin full of light and sun if necessary. The automatic gearbox is helpful for smoother everyday handling in city traffic.

Kia Sorento

A somewhat larger and greater four-wheel drive SUV with everything you need in addition to height and capacity.

Škoda Superb

A very spacious and easy-to-handle station wagon, which is both economical and comfortable for driving. Apart from the automatic transmission, the equipment includes everything necessary for easy and comfortable driving. Extremely spacious and economical station wagon.

Toyota Avensis

Comfortable and spacious station wagon. A modern vehicle with good additional equipment and an economical engine, the automatic transmission makes daily traffic both in the city and on the highway easy and pleasant. A modern economical station wagon with many extras.

Volkswagen Passat

A station wagon with premium class interior and equipment and many extras. A spacious, quiet and powerful engine to enjoy both short and long distances, the panoramic sunroof enhances the spaciousness and lightness of the cabin. A modern station wagon offering premium quality